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Digital Copy
(Written for fashion startup; Wack Bar Tees)

Mission Statement:

Wack Bar Tees exists to create and share Hip Hop apparel that celebrates one of the most essential aspects of a fire rap verse; the wack bar. To honor Hip Hop culture by redefining what the wack bar is, and highlight what it’s truly meant to be; a fresh tee shirt. 


About Us:

The WBT fam consists of three life long hip hop heads who became the best of homies in their high school days. When most students were using their time to do homework, join extracurriculars, and go to class, we were off somewhere in our own world, the only world that mattered the world of hip hop. We’d talk for hours about who won the infamous Jay Z-Nas beef, if Weezy’s bound to be the GOAT or not, if the talent on the come up will push the sound forward while still paying respect to the OG’s that they deserve. We had to know if Dr. Dre was ever gonna drop Detox, if there would ever be a white mc as good as Eminem, and if Drake’s soft or not! (we still don’t know) Oh and we freestyled. We freestyled for days. We spit hot bars, wack bars and everything in between, and we loved all of them. We still do, and somewhere along the way we came up with Wack Bar Tees. We’re just a squad of true fans and friends trying to contribute positively to hip hop. We think that everything about hip hop is absolutely dope, even a wack bar, and we’re here to show the world that. Sounds pretty lit, right? Wack Bar Tees is by the culture and for the culture!!!


Artist Submissions: The clique runs deep! Check out our fire artists below. If you’re an artist of any kind that’s got bars contact us at


Press Release:

New Fashion Company Turns Your Favorite Wack Bars into Dope Graphic Tee Shirts


Who doesn’t love the adrenaline and passion of the cringe rap lyric? Hip hop has always thrived off bold assertions that sometimes pop and sometimes flop. And Wack Bar Tees is here for all of it. Almost a decade ago three high school friends in a smokey car conceptualized the idea and brand after asking themselves, “Why does Drake hate a goofy, especially?” Sparked by the boredom of lockdown of 2020, old friends acted on their old idea and the WBT team was officially formed. The tee’s range from the old school legacies of Biggie and Jay Z, to the Babies paving the way to the future. And they gotta Future one too. No one’s sure what exactly the company will claim as wack next, but what we’re realizing is that wack might not actually be so bad after all. 

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