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About Me

Hey you! I'm me, a 20-something-year-old New York City resident with a functioning creative writing problem. Before I could spell I would scribble on paper and recite what I was sure would be the next great American novel to my kindergarten classmates. In middle school, my passion for text cemented as I threw myself into writing poetry and short stories, and became an avid member of the community theatre. Plus, I would actually do the summer reading. In high school, I became a struggling white rapper (no shame) and was able to write and direct a one-act play during my senior year. During college, I was fortunate enough to generate a specialized curriculum consisting of many different forms of writing and subjects. This included fiction and non-fiction, screenwriting, journalism, marketing and branding, history and philosophy, and other courses focused on various forms of media. Along this path, I've gained work experience in a variety of industries; advertising, service and hospitality, fashion, and the startup world. I have recently left my copywriting job to pursue writing avenues that align with my passion for show biz. I'm currently working as a freelance production assistant on sets throughout the city. My employment history has allowed me to gain a complex and vast understanding of people and society at large. Now it is time for me to transfer these skills I've developed into a job in which I can do what I love. Please enjoy this ever-evolving portfolio of my work. I am an extremely hardworking, collaborative, and adaptive creator, and am humbly asking employers looking for writers to grant me the opportunity to write within the entertainment industry for a living. 

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